Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs  are Not a sign of dirty living and they are Not directly related to the sanitation levels of the occupant, nor are they only attracted to older homes, or cluttered places.  They are however, here and will be here and Anyone can get them! Even the most cleanest of living areas can get them. Cimex lecturlarius … is back with a vengeance perhaps in part because of our lack of indiscriminate pest control over the years. Yes, pest control over the past twenty years has become more pest specific not only in the services performed but in the products used to control our invaders.

It also has been rumored that because the world is becoming so open and everyone is traveling and reporting their travels that has promoted any potential problems that have developed.

Bed bugs while they are know to carry at least 28 different kinds of human pathogens in their bodies, and humans are perhaps the choice host over all, both entomologist and medical doctors have never shown that bed bugs  can transmit or infect even one of those pathogens to humans or lab animals. As of today, they cannot transmit any diseases. It is the social stigma that seems to affect people the most. The fact that a difficult bug to eradicate is biting you at night is perhaps the most disturbing and frustrating.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs hiding under mattress corner

You may find little smears of blood on the sheets, red welts on your torso that may or may not itch. And eventually you may find something that at first glance resembles a tick, but more flat. Bed bugs are reddish in color, and you may find them clustered together around the corners of your mattress.

Why are Bed Bugs Hard to Kill?

Probably the main reason is that they have evolved over the years to become so adaptive to types of products and thus many simply are ineffective, or what may work today may not work tomorrow. Also, currently the products your professional would use may only work for the short term as well. Bed bugs also are excellent at hiding in cracks and crevices and behind switch plated, pitchers, etc. They also are nocturnal and generally aren't active until a few hours after dark.  And at night generally stay within 10 to 15 feet of their host.

What Should I Do if I find that I have Bed Bugs?

Try not spread the problem by moving things around. Also avoid throwing anything out any furniture until you have your property inspected by a professional. Treat the room infected as if it was quarantined off. Use Duct tape to create a border around the door. Then call Pro2CaLL. Try to save a sample to help for a quicker confirmation. Many people immediately try to use ineffective products from their local hardware store and they end up spreading the problem to other areas. This problem is best dealt with quickly and by a professional.

Whats the Best way to get rid of and Keep them Gone?

Pro2CaLL uses the latest in technology and advancements in various solutions. We specialize in using a Thermal HEAT treatment for the complete eradication of the eggs, nymphs, and the adults. This process requires you vacating the property for approximately 9 – 14 hours depending on the structure. We monitoring the temperature with wireless sensor technology and after it successfully reached our goal we begin to terminate the process. Pro2CaLL also offers a Hybrid program for control of bedbugs and  Routine BedBug Protection Plan for our multifamily and rental community.

Pro2CaLL offers a free followup service visit and a full 90 day guarantee.