Residential Pest Control

Our Residential Pest Control programs offers you State of the Art approach to provide you the peace of mind knowing that your property, food, and health is protected with the safest

Complete Professional Pest Proofing In and Out.

alternatives to the typical spray only type pest control.

Pro2CaLL Termite & Pest Control offers customer tailored programs to meet your unique requirements and concerns. Call Today to discuss which program that fits your special needs and your budget. Some of our more popular programs are:

  1. Once A Year Pest Control – This is a single intensive interior and exterior service that provides you protection for a full twelve (12) months of service satisfaction. Perfect if you want a complete service, travel, want someone that you can call any non-holiday workday and , if needed, a FREE re-booster of the pest service.
  2. Monthly Pest Control – All commercial accounts are monthly and our customers that don't want to be reactive in pest control issues choose this plan, this is most Proactive Pest Protection available!
  3. Bi-monthly – Every Other Month service visit – service visits are scheduled about every 60 days , or every other month. Very popular program and can be rotated to exterior only and inside only when customer requests
  4. Quarterly Termite Bait System and Pest Control –  Most complete coverage available for routine crawling insect pests and the subterranean Termite that is know for its extensive and costly damage. Pro2CaLL uses the Advance Termite Bait System made by Bayer.
  5. Termite Baiting System for your house, office, and a perfect alternative for a large condominium complex with multiple buildings. CALL to see how Cost Effective it is!!!


    No Tent Alternative

    Radar Technology for locating termites.

    Pro2CaLL is one of a select few companies utilizing this radar technology in locating termite activity. Call to discuss your options before you tent your property and fumigate for termite control.