Termite Protection

Termites can cause a lot of damage and sometimes in a very short period of time. Southwest Florida deals with two major species of termites, the Drywood Termite and the Subterranean Termite. Both are destructive and both are managed in different manners. The Drywood termite require less moisture and does Not have to return to their colony located in the soil. The Drywood will be found in pockets within a structure. They may be found in the window casing of a home, the baseboards of a bedroom, or the trim in the hallway. They also can be located in your stairs, and your attic rafters, door frames, and yes, eventually in your furniture.

Treatment for drywood was traditionally always to fumigate , or tent the structure however the past years have allowed for some advancements in technology and treatment practices. If the situations are discovered early then it is an exccellent candidate for a Localized Needle Injection of that area. This type of treatment will provide a residual effect to the local area treated thus providing that area with years of additional protection unlike a tent fumigation which will provide no residual affect and perhaps only get 98% of the activity.

Pro2CaLL was one of the first companies to begin using a Termatrec T3i Radar/Moisture and Heat detection to help in our drywood elimination program. Call Today 727-378-8550 to see if you qualify for this program.


Subterranean Termites require a little more moisture than drywoods and 98% of the time tunnel back to the ground where they build their nest. These termites will build a mud tunnel from the ground to the wood and this tunnel is the correct moisture, temperature,  to allow them to thrive in this environment. These are a much faster acting termite and will do a considerable amount of damage in only a short period of time. They have been known to hollow out a complete door frame just up to the paint within a six month period of time. Immediate Professional attention is required.

Treatment for the Subterranean termites by Pro2CaLL termite and Pest Control involves an assessment and discussion of your options to mutually decide which plan fits your unique situation. Our programs are tailored to the customer with consideration of the programs affects to the property in question. Pro2CaLL offers Soil Treatments with the latest state of the art products and the efficacy studies to prove it along with a sophisticated monitored baiting system. These systems are installed in multiple condominium communities and provide a pest management of the exterior perimeter along with the monitored routine inspections of the termite baiting systems. Call Today to discuss.